28 March 2017

New Special Cover on World Theater Day

27 March - World Theater Day

CPMG Charles Lobo,  Smt Jay Shree  and Smt Uma Shree  Releasing the  special  covers

A photo exhibition was also organized at the venue and a book  on Karnataka Theatre family  " Hakki  Nota" (Kannada)  by  Jagannath  Prakash  ji was also released .

- Jagannath Mani & Vineeth J ,  Bangalore

Melbourne 2017, the 34th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

The Melbourne 2017 International Exhibition will be held from  March 30 2017 to April 2 2017. The venue is Caulfield Racecourse, Gate 23 Station St, Caulfield East, Victoria.

The exhibition will have 1000 frames. There are 15 exhibits participating from India .

Aerophilately Class
Khaitan, Piyush The Karachi-Madras route extension Flight of Tata Sons Ltd. (October 1932)

Astrophilately Class
Jhingan, Savita: From India to Space

Thematic Philately Class
Kakad, Anand: Birds of the Pheasant Family

Revenue Philately Class
Suri, Angeet: Fiscals of Jodhpur

Youth Philately Class
Mahurkar, Ramprasad: Butterflies-An Enigma; An Exlixir in Peril
Malhotra, Muskan: The Elephant World
Sharma, Prachi: British India King George VI Postal Stationery
Biswal, Avipsa: Pigeons and Doves
Prasad, Rhea: The First Stamp Issue of Independent India

Philatelic Literature Class
Prasad, Rohit: India 1929 Air Mail Stamps: A Study of Constant Varieties
Ramachandiran N, Dr. K: Indian Postal History-Focus on Tamil Nadu
Baroda Philatelic Society: VADOPHIL

1-Frame Class
Chandak, Kishor: The Black & White Seals Romance of Pre-Stamp Era

Modern Philately Class
Basu, Subhabrata: Indiapost in 21st Century
Reddy, G. Anil Kumar: Holograms in Philately

Madhukar Jhingan is the National Commissioner from India. 


A Special feature of MELBOURNE 2017, is a non-competitive exhibition involving at least 200 frames for members of the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria. The occasion marks the Society’s 125th Anniversary and continues a traditional of non-competitive exhibits for the RPSV’s centenary (1992) and 75th anniversary (1967).

List of Exhibits, Commissioners and Jury


Exhibits Listing

Jury Details

27 March 2017

New stamps for Flower Lovers....

Flowers, National Symbol

Flora, a beloved theme for those passionate by philately, is once again taken up this year by Romfilatelia within the postage stamp issue “Flowers, National Symbol”. Together with the symbol flower of each state, the national flag completes the stamp illustration.

Romania is bordered by Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, Hungary to the northwest, Ukraine in the north and east and Moldova to the east and the Black Sea to the southeast.

The peony whose image is reproduced on the stamp with the face value Lei 1.50 is a flower species unique to Europe. In the country there are five nature reserves for Paeonia peregrina in Teleorman, Mures, Olt, Dolj and Giurgiu.

Romania’s national symbol flower, the peony, is also known under the name of the Palm of the Lord’s Mother (verbatim). All its other names are popular, archaic and describe the Romanian peony. In popular culture, the peony is often associated with longing, with physical beauty or love.

The symbol flower of the Republic of Moldova is the basil, whose image is reproduced on the stamp with the face value of Lei 4.50.

To the left of the Prut it’s one of the most beloved and sung plants. Because of its special aromatic oils and its preservative properties, basil is used in the Orthodox Church rituals to produce holy water, having the role of chasing away evil spirits. At the same time, in local tradition this plant is considered the flower of love and luck; it is also present in most magical practices for marital purposes. In popular medicine, basil is used as a plant with talismanic properties for memory improvement and as an anti-stress remedy.

The Republic of Croatia’s national flower, illustrated on the stamp with the face value of Lei 8, is Iris croatica. The Croatian name for this flower is Perunika and comes from the name of Perun, who was the greatest god of thunder and lightning in Slavic mythology. Legend has it that Perunika will only grow in the place where the god Perun’s lightning struck.In 2000, the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences proclaimed the Perunika as Croatia’s national flower.

Iris croatica is distinguished primarily from many other subspecies by the greatness of all its plant parts, the flowers being oval and richer. We can admire the beauty of the iris flowers in summer and autumn. About the gorgeous purple flower, herbalists claim that it is a simple remedy to keep a variety of diseases under control. The gorgeous flower that we find in gardens, parks and even in pots on terraces is a less known cure.

Bulgaria, a beautiful country in the Southeast European continent, has the rose as a national symbol. Rosa damascena whose image is reproduced on the stamp with the face value of Lei 15 is a symbol of this country, considered a worldwide brand, and the wide range of cosmetics that have rose aromas are called “Bulgarian gold” or “liquid gold”.

Rosa damascena or Kazanlak Rose is a highly fragrant flowering plant from which essential oil, confiture and syrup are extracted. From this variety of rose one can extract 30% more oil than of any other rose. The pink flowers have about 30 petals, hence the name of Trigintipetala.

26 March 2017

New stamps from India - Means of Transport

Means of Transport Through the Ages

Date of Issue : 25 March 2017

India Post issued a set of 20 stamps on 25th March 2017 with 6 Miniature sheets one  Booklet .and 5 Sheetlets.

Source : Stamps of India 

24 March 2017

Special Cover on International Day of Forests..

21 March - International Day of Forests

Malleshwaram - 21 March 2017

International Day of Forests is celebrated worldwide on 21st March in order to increase the public awareness among communities about the values, significance and contributions of the forests to balance the life cycle on the earth. 

- Suresh.R


23 March 2017

Otto Waalkes: Colorful greeting from the Ottifant

Date of Issue : 1 March 2017

Otto Gerhard Waalkes is a Frisian comedian and actor. He became famous in the 1970s and 1980s in Germany with his shows, books and movies. His perhaps most famous trademark are the 'Ottifanten', elephant-like comic characters of his own design.

Otto Waalkes: Colorful greeting from the Ottifant

Otto Waalkes - Gray Ottifant brings color to the post No matter how gray a day is - Ottifanten make it even more gray! The trademark of Otto Waalkes encourages fans of the cult comedian and now also the customers of the German Post. From the new special mark, the smuggler laughs and addressees under a colorful rainbow and blue sky. Thus the Ottifant conquered Germany and brought a piece of his creator Otto to your post. Otto has been on the stage for more than 50 years and makes people laugh. His comic figure, the Ottifant, is as famous as himself - and looks almost the same.
For the Ottifant actually started as a self-portrait. Even before Otto studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg, he painted almost every day. As a young man he invented the Ottifanten when he wanted to draw himself: "I always tried to draw myself in the profile myself. But the nose was too long for me, and everyone thought of being an elephant. Then I continued to try them out, the whole thing was extended to the trunk, pointed toe and stub legs drawn and the figure named after me: Ottifant! "The Ottifant has meanwhile made an efficient career. Not only did he become the hero of various comic strips, in 1993 the private RTL also broadcast the series "Ottis Ottifanten". On average, 2.1 million viewers watched. In 2001 the series came as a "commando Störtebecker" even on the cinema. The only one who still has more Ottifanten at home than the fans is Otto himself: "Nothing is more free from Ottifanten. They are just everywhere! On my floor-mats, in my wardrobe, on my windowsill, in my paintings, on my t-shirts, even in my signature. "The Ottifant is now even in the mailbox after newspapers, television and cinema Stamp.
Source : Deutsche Post
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